edlibbs 2.0

So it’s been a while since there have been any ad-libs about about education or info literacy around these parts. And there’s a reason.

So, some of you might know that right at the start of 2013, I took a job offer to move from Ireland, to Vermont, USA to take up an Assistant Director position in Champlain College Library, with specific responsibility for IL. I’ve been here over a month now, and I’m still adjusting to new surroundings. Mostly, though, I’m really enjoying the changes that this opportunity has brought me.

So, aside from saying goodbye to family and friends back home, this really wasn’t a difficult decision. This role allowed me to look further (and closer at the areas in IL that I’ve been excited by for the past few years: student-centred, inquiry-driven learning; IL assessment (both programatic assessment, and student assessment); and fostering the ideas of the librarian as a teacher.

I get to be a leader again. I’ve held this role before, and wanted to get back to that place. I get to lead our team of teaching librarians.

I’ve lots to learn in this role. And that’s what excites me the most. I get to work with a great team who are innovative, excited and engaged. And we talk about our instruction. Every week. And we get excited. And draw on white boards to explain what we’re thinking. It sounds kooky. But I’m loving it.

So things have been quiet here. But I’ve found my bearings, and I’m ready to go. Edlibbs 2.0. Here we go.


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