Death by powerpoint, or – my Spring semester in three slidedecks

It’s been a busy spring semester! I’ve been having fun presenting and co-presenting (with more to come). I had the pleasure of joining a group of awesome folks at ACRL in Portland, OE, who are doing some interesting and fun things since the introduction of ACRL’s Framework for Information Literacy in Higher Education. You can check out our combined slidedeck right here:

If you attended ACRL, but missed our session – check it out in the virtual conference.

I’ve also been having a ton of fun with my awesome colleague, Andy Burkhardt, as we unveiled our secret sauce to teaching and assessing threshold concepts at the recent Vermont Library Association Conference a few weeks back. Our slidedeck is right here:

And changing direction – I presented with my also excellent colleagues Sean Leahy and Janet Cottrell on a panel-type presentation, also at the VLA conference, on how we’ve using data-driven approaches to decision making in our library. My section outlined our use of a specially-designed competency-based, developmental rubric for information literacy to inform our pedagogical practice in Champlain. You can check out our slides right here.

Phew. Upcoming: I’m excited to head to WILU – my first time. I’m presenting on inquiry-based learning, blended instruction and critical pedagogy in our embedded program. I’m also presenting a poster presentation as part of our completed ACRL Assessment in Action Year 2 cohort during ALA Annual.

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